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Caroline has a select number of horses that are in training to ensure that all horses get the attention and development they need. She treats the horses she has in training as her own and is personally involved in their care. She makes a plan for each horse, treating them as the individuals they are.

It’s not just about the riding, but the whole picture of their care. Caroline oversees feed, saddle fitting, chiropractic care, and more. 


Caroline listens to her horses, taking time to understand who they are and what they need to perform their best. She develops an effective program to keep the horses challenged and the work interesting to them.

Caroline builds a unique relationship with each horse, understanding their personalities and training needs. Whether it’s taking a break, cross-training, or switching up exercises, Caroline’s priority is putting the horses first. She knows they will progress in training faster if she fits her training schedule to them, rather than fitting the horse to a training schedule.

“I train dressage because I love how it teaches horses to find their bodies, become the best versions of themselves, and connect with their riders in a very profound way."


Caroline trains weekly with Olympic Silver Medalist, Sabine Schut-Kery, for a fresh perspective. Caroline works with Sabine to create a development plan for each horse in her program. She also clinics regularly with Volker Brommann.

Caroline has also done extensive work for many years with Klaus Schoenich and the ARR system, which is used to get the horse more balanced, loose, comfortable, and moving without restriction. It’s also used for rehabbing weakness in muscle development, tightness, and overall issues that stand in the way for the horse to be its best.

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